Sales, delivery and terms of payment..

7. Complaints
Objections to the quantity, design and quality of our deliveries can only be considered in justified cases if they are brought forward within 8 days of delivery. Justifiable defects are eliminated by us through faultless replacement. Further claims are excluded, in particular a claim for conversion, reduction and compensation. We are in no way liable for the products printed with our clichés, even if our delivery is demonstrably defective. So it's up to the customer to make sure that our makes are useable and free from defects before they are printed. Small deviations in the dimensions and designs do not entitle to complaints.

8. Corrections, drawings, films
If corrections or drafts (drawing) are requested by the customer with the offer, these must be calculated, even if the order does not come off. Likewise, additional costs resulting from a correction change must be additionally calculated. The films required for cliché production are intermediates and remain our property in any case, even if charged to the customer; use by our competitors is not permitted.

9. payment
a) All deliveries are payable with 2% discount within 14 days or within 30 days net.
b) In the case of companies with monthly invoicing in progress, payment must be made in cash with a discount of 2% until the 8th of the month following the delivery, or strictly net on the 20th of the month following the delivery.

10. Late payment
In case of default all claims are due immediately.

Pleidelsheim, 1 January 2003